I would like 2 say how good your boarding facilities are. Toby thoroughly enjoys himself, and I feel at ease leaving him in your care. On my return i have a happy well looked after dog. Thank you.


Tilly loves coming to stay with you and Otis. We are very confident about leaving her and know she will be really well cared for and happy. We love looking at her playtime in the garden via your tube as well.  Thank you for providing such an excellent service.


Jasper loves coming to doggy day care and we're so lucky to have such a lovely a "home from home" place on our doorstep where we know Jasper will have nothing but a lovely time when he is left with you!

Amy & Andy

I like to think that my dog loves me so much that she must really miss me when I go to work. However, as soon as I get her out of the car at Harveys, I get dragged up the drive with her tail wagging that much she could almost take off.  Need I say more!

SW, Huncote, Leicester


It makes our holidays even better knowing that we don't have to put Libby into kennels.  She loves it so much at Harveys playing with the other dogs and getting cuddles from Jane.

SW, Huncote, Leicester



The sessions were very helpful and informative. Always felt I could contact you in between sessions if needed to. Pepper is calmer and quieter and still improving. Techniques and applications explained well. All in all an excellent service which I would highly recommend to anyone having problems with their dog's behaviour.


The sessions were always run in an informal, friendly way, ensuring both the owner and dog were put at ease straight away. Both the outside and inside training areas were excellent. All sessions ran on time, although if Jane didn't have another client following your session then she was able to be very generous with her time. Bonnie has become a more relaxed dog, she has gone from being aggressive to most dogs that we meet when out walking, to only a very occasional show of aggression, usually brought on by the other dog approaching her. She has also show signs of being less stressed when the family returned home.

I found that the sessions gave me and Bonnie more than we had hoped for, I can't think of anything that could have improved the sessions.


I felt that TTouch was part of the whole package that helped Bobby. The combination of general guidance, understanding, obedience training and TTouch was an eye opener and has changed the way I see and now understand my dog.  The teaching was Informative, clear and simple and not too over whelming a great setting. Bobby really enjoyed her sessions and is a much better behaved and happier dog as a result. I can't thank you enough for all your help



Asha is a transformed dog!  With input from you it has made our lives so much easier. Thank you so much for your help with her.


When we rescued Sasha she had come from a puppy farm and was in a terrible state, she was terrified of everything and everyone.  Over time and with a lot of gentle guidance we worked with her and with Jane's help and a lot of Tellington TTouch she is now transformed.  We now enjoy regular holidays with her, something we never thought we'd be able to do.  Thank you Jane and thank you TTouch. I will spread the word.