Teaching children to be safe around dogs - in association with Leicester Animal Aid


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I have always wanted to run workshops teaching kids how to be safe around dogs as we hear so many horror stories of children being attacked.  Many dogs are labelled "aggressive" when, in my opinion, they may well be just frightened and are reacting to a situation they feel uncomfortable with.


When I first discussed the idea with Leicester Animal Aid, they loved it and thanks to their support and involvement we have now completed our first run of Summer School Dog Handling Workshops = K9Kidz!


Every single child took on board the advice I gave about meeting dogs safely, respecting a dog's personal space and comfort and reading their body language.   They all had a go at meeting  Otis, my Border Collie assistant, the safe way, spotting different Calming Signals (canine communication to avoid conflict), walking him on a lead using a harness (more comfortable for dogs than collars) and clicker training.    


Otis, demonstrated some of his clicker training moves to help to show the children how much fun training can be.


The workshops end with a tour of LAA allowing the children to utilise some of their new skills when approaching dogs and to learn more about the dogs and cats at Leicester Animal Aid. 


It goes without saying that children should never be left alone with dogs but if our workshops have armed them with some vital knowledge that may keep them safe and  avoid some dogs being pushed out of their comfort zone then this can only be a good thing for all concerned.   


We plan to take K9Kidz into schools during term time to reach more and more children so, hopefully, we'll be appearing at school near you very soon.